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a person holding up a potted plant with green leaves and white spots on it
Hoya Starry Night
Pics do not do this hoya justice! I'm so happy with how she's coming along.
a plant with green leaves hanging from it's stems on a concrete flooring area
Hoya Incrassata variegata,Moon shadow Hoya phyto-cer//
Incrassata variegata,Moon shadow Hoya phyto-cer// ✅✅ Condition 1 pot see as picture. The picture as shown for reference of plant only. ✅✅Remark : Plants will ship by bare roots without pot and soil may be affected with the yellowish or fallen leaves. This is unavoidable. Normally new leaves will from within 1 month. We do not take responsibility in case of Custom Restrictions or goods being confiscated. We are not responsible for your postal or your customs delay destination. ✈️✈️✈️ The packa
a person holding up a green plant with leaves
Hoya Villosa Cao Bang
The leaves on this hoya look like jewels!
a woman holding a potted plant with text overlay that says how to care for a panda plant
Panda Plant Care - How to Grow a Kalanchoe Tomentosa
The Panda plant (Kalanchoe tomentosa) is a cute succulent that grows soft and fuzzy brown-tipped leaves. This care guide has all the tips on watering, light, humidity, propagation, and more!
a green and white potted plant on top of a wooden table
a potted plant with large green leaves on it's top and brown bottom
Anthurium Clarinervium -Giant Laceleaf Pot size -12 - 17cm Height up to 60cm
Pot size: 12cm Height: 35-40cm Pot size: 17cm Height: 55 - 60cm The Anthurium Clarinervium originates from southern Mexico. This plant is recognizable by the large heart-shaped leaves with a velvety surface. The Anthurium Clarinervium is a green room plant that is known for its striking veins on the leaves. These veins resemble veins with a grey white color that passes through the leaf. Hence the nickname vein plant. Light Anthurium thrive in medium to bright indirect light. Water Anthurium appr
a plant with green leaves and purple flowers in someone's hand on a white background
Senecio mikanioides - 11cm
An unusual Senecio with silvery green foliage that have deep maroon undersides. It's a fairly unfussy plant when given the right care. Growth Habit: Vining Native to: South Africa Water: Can withstand dryer conditions. Avoid water-logging Light: Bright but indirect sunlight Humidity: Regular humidity levels of around 40% to 50% Temperature: They enjoy warmth but can tolerate slightly lower temperatures.