⩩̸ aes !! ⭑

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a white and beige heart with gingham checkered pattern on the back ground
᥀ ⸼ ֹ ׅ ถ onnıᧉvıll 'ᧉ ֺ 🌈⃞ ⋆ ʾʾ ݂ ׄ ♡̶
the letter e is made up of two letters
a drawing of three birds flying in the sky
a white teddy bear sitting in front of a clock with the numbers 3 and 4 on it
a drawing of two rabbits sleeping on a bed
Manga, Avatar, Anime Girl, Anime Girlxgirl, Girls, Couple, Chibi, Gay
a drawing of a girl with cat ears
i love you so much written in pink ink on white paper with giraffe and cat
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a black and white drawing of a cat laying on its back with paws up in the air
an animal with hearts on it's chest and the google logo above its head
a girl wearing a party hat with balloons around her head and the words happy birthday written on it