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two different views of the same character
LCバター on Twitter
Sci Fi, Concept Art, Xenoblade Chronicles, Humanoid Robot
an animated image of a woman standing in front of a skeleton
Chanel, Anime Girl Base, Anime Girl, Mecha
an image of two women in aprons and one has a cat on her lap
an image of some cartoon characters using their cell phones
"Sketch from earlier in the day. Wanted to draw something cute, but also wanted to draw a robot. Compromised. Not my usual stuff but trying to just draw more." | Robot Fetishism / ASFR
an anime character is holding a large metal object
エイチエムケー(HMK84) on X
a blue robot standing in front of a gray background
Machina Pictures
an anime character in purple and white dress with long legs, standing on one leg
Robots Characters, Anime Figures, Anime Style
MAR10/マリオです!/전국 온,오프라인 서점 SF캐릭터드로잉 발매 중 (@RioSquAsh) / Twitter