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a pink house with hello kitty decorations on it
La casa de Hello Kitty sí existe - Paperblog
many people are holding sandwiches and taking pictures with their cell phones while sitting at a table covered in hello kitty boxes
some food is in a pink box on a table with utensils and spoons
Hello Kitty Cafe in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hello kitty restaurant. Pink Sanrio theme cafe coffee shop
two people holding ice cream cones in their hands
@sarang.hoe on ig
a bowl filled with lots of different kinds of food next to a bag of candy
Xiaohongshu hello kitty dessert aesthetic
there are many small cakes that look like animals on the tablecloth with blue and white checkered cloth
there are many small toy animals on this toast
₊·͟͟͟͟͟͟͞͞͞͞͞͞➳❥ ꒰ ⌨
a blue bowl filled with rice, broccoli and other food on top of a table
two bowls filled with food on top of a white wooden table next to orange slices
𝕢𝕠𝕠 on Instagram: “*2021.4.1* こんにちは¨̮͚ 今日は姉妹のお弁当。 ポムポムプリンの着ぐるみを着たキティちゃんとシナモロールの着ぐるみを着たポムポムプリン。 いろんなおかずをつめてしまったので、ぐちゃっと感が出てしまいました💦あとお弁当2つってやっぱり大変ですね_(:3」…”
there are four sushi rolls decorated with cartoon characters on the top one is white and the other is pink