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an image of a group of people sitting on a couch in front of a black background
Celtic Frost - Emperor's Return (Wallpaper)
the cover to krokus's album, alive and strength
an image of a skull with the word death on it's face and head
an image of two men sitting on top of a pile of skulls in front of a fire
an old poster with the words anthiax i am the law
the front cover of thrash metal magazine, featuring photos of young men on skateboards
four young women sitting on top of a blue metal bench with their hands in the air
an old man sitting in a chair next to another man with his arm around him
DEATH (Spiritual Healing) Camiseta
a poster with skulls on it and a woman in the center holding her hands up
Sonar Heroes / Ozzy
Sonar Heroes / Ozzy on Behance
an image of the band iron maidens in front of a giant monster with glowing lights
Iron Maiden
Live on Stage