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several small felt figurines sitting on top of a table
Decoración Navideña y DIY | Merceria Sarabia
Decoración Navideña y DIY | El Blog de Merceria Sarabia
a small doll is in the middle of a nest
Sunday afternoon felting!
two small figurines made to look like jesus and mary
there is a small doll and a stuffed animal in a bowl
Sunday afternoon felting!
Idea para el pesebre
three small figurines are standing next to each other
Nativity made to order, Nativity, Three Kings, Shepherd Family, two sheep, angel, fairy tale wool, Waldorf inspiration,
Navidad Reyes Magos familia de pastores por LeBambinediCaldalana
four different pictures of a stuffed sheep with pink flowers on it's head and ears
Hacerlas e relativamente fácil aunque debemos tener una base de conocimientos en trabajo de fieltro y también algunos materiales específico...
Ovejas de Fieltro, Paso a paso, Manualidades Faciles Feltro, Amigurumi
Ovejas de Fieltro, Paso a paso, Manualidades Faciles