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a man in a costume is standing with his hands up and the words art is hard written on it
Ghosting (K.TH) - 07 - Voodoo
an old man with his arms crossed in front of a sign that says i eat kids
a drawing of a mannequin wearing a fur coat with a ring around the neck
Barbarian Fur Capelet
a leather helmet with intricate designs on it
Leather Armour 3 side by Maxrobo on DeviantArt
Leather Armour 3 side by Maxrobo on deviantART
a close up of a leather armor on display
a green leather armor with metal rivets on the chest and shoulder, viewed from above
Steampunk, Armor Clothing, Knight Armor, Arm Armor
a black and red leather armor sitting on top of a wooden table next to tools
Leather! The Millerscraft Red Dragon Armor build. - MillersCraft
a dress made out of leather and feathers
Elven scale bracers by Flacusetarhadel on DeviantArt