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four different types of embroidery designs on white fabric, with the words sew written in red
Sublime Stitching • Hand Embroidery Tutorials
How To: Embroidery Stitches - Tutorials (Split Stitch, Back Stitch, Stem Stitch, Satin Stitch, French Knot) #embroidery
a drawing of a person with a hat on and holding an umbrella in their hands
Product Detail
HatchedInAfrica.com | Product Details
an embroidered butterfly with pink flowers on it's wings, and beads hanging from the side
butterfly embroidery pattern | embroidery butterflies
an embroidered jacket with blue flowers on it
Noms de domaines expirés et indexés en achat immédiat | domaination
fleur bleue...
three different designs on a white cloth with blue and red thread, one in the shape of an egg
Stitch Fun: Battlement Couching!
Battlement Couching
a close up of a pillow on a chair
Linda Floyd Inc. Interior Design
antique pillows <3
a close up of a piece of art made out of fabric with flowers in a vase
Fabric Postcards
"Jelly Jar of Flowers" Postcard
a close up of a flower on a piece of cloth with beads and needles in it
Brazilian Embroidery
embroidered thistle
an embroidered fabric with flowers and leaves is shown in this close up photo, it appears to be blue
Item for Sale
c. 1870's Trained Pale China Blue Wool Twill Morning Gown with Watteau Back and Two-Tone Embroidery
an image of a pillow with lace on it
Third Life
Showcase Fleur Sewing, Inspiration, Textiles, Applique Books, Bookbags, Needlework, Freehand Machine Embroidery
Цветочная витрина / Showcase Fleur
Showcase Fleur
an art piece with words written on it
Crazy Quilt Art
a women's purse with flowers on the front and side, in brown leather
a close up of many different types of appliques on a piece of cloth
MISA - Madeline Island WI
embroidered leaves