Casa Los Andes

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the sun shines through the windows in an empty room with white walls and flooring
Cerrada al exterior pero con un interior increíble | homify
an empty swimming pool in front of a concrete house with mountains in the back ground
studio JVW's monolithic house emerges as a sculpture within mysterious south african desert
an empty hallway with plants growing on the wall and stairs leading up to the second floor
Casa Mezcal- Fotografia Ariadna Polo-09.jpg | MEZCAL
a concrete building with two palm trees in front of it
Alqueria House / Antonio Altarriba Arquitectos
there are many potted plants in the room
a typeface on X
an entrance to a house surrounded by trees and bushes with wooden doors on either side
Jaque Studio, Ceiba, César Béjar · BRUMA TULUM
the entrance to a modern home with cactus and rocks
An Arizona Home Where A Couple Tied The Knot Celebrates The Desert And Their Future | Luxe Interiors
an entrance to a modern home with cactus and cacti
Mosman House / Popov Bass Architects
an open living room and dining area with concrete walls, flooring and ceiling beams
an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs in front of a concrete building that has glass walls
inspiration zone: Photo
the building is designed to look like it could be built on land or in water
PALMA 3 | cicarquitectos
a concrete building with steps leading up to it and a planter on the side
Gallery of LC House / Cristián Romero Valente - 2