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a young man holding a baseball bat while standing in front of a stage with blue lights
a male in a black jacket and white shirt is holding his hand up to his mouth
Choi Yeonjun
a young man giving the thumbs up sign in front of his face while sitting at a desk
૮₍ ´ ꒳ `₎ა
a man sitting in front of a white wall with his hands folded up and looking at the camera
a man in a black jacket is holding his hand up
a male in a white tank top and black pants is holding a microphone to his mouth
a young man with black hair and ear piercings
a woman standing in front of a stair case wearing black pants and a white shirt
a young man standing in front of a pink wall
a young man sitting on the steps wearing a black turtle neck sweater and black pants
a young man with headphones on his ears, wearing a suit and holding a microphone