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the logo for mada mayon's mission des associations, which is located in
Maison Des Associations d'Amay (MDA)
Un nouveau logo pour l'ASBL
the logo for bio care cosmetics, which is designed to look like an organic product
BioCare Cosmetics
Entreprise de cosmétiques
the logo for parent's in education positive, with an image of two people
Le logo du projet d'ateliers en éducation positive de LinKco
the logo for luk co, an accomppagment and formation institution
LinKco (2020)
Le projet d'une porteuse de projet en accompagnement et formation orienté éducation positive
the groupe factor 4 logo is shown in grey and orange, with an orange circle
Groupe Facteur 4
Conception du logo GF4 (2010)
the top travaux logo is shown in red, green and purple colors on a white background
Top Travaux
Conception du logo Top Travaux (2010)
the logo for talente de formation parfaiture is shown in black and yellow
Conception du logo de Talenteo (2009)
the reference media logo is shown in blue and white with an arrow pointing to it
Référence Média
Conception du logo de référence média (2009)
the logo for la bousssole amo, causans
La Boussole Amo à Ans
Conception du logo de "La Boussole Amo" du CPAS de Ans. (2010)
the green - mat location logo is shown in white and has an image of a lawn mower
Logo pour Green-mat, location de matériel de jardin. (2009)
the logo for ubiquities is an olive with leaves on top and bottom
Conception du logo Ubiquities (2012)
the word minded is written in black on a white background with red and blue stars
Conception du logo Minded, agence de communication (2008)
the logo for mmo bourgraff
Immo Bourgraff
Conception du logo Immo Bourgraff (2011)
the word pepper is written in black on a white background
Logo Pepper One
Conception du logo Pepper One (2006)