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the website is designed to look like it has been created by japanese artist and designer
university notion 1/3
a calendar with icons and symbols for the month of march in purple on a white background
Magical Monthly Spread - FREE Aesthetic & Simple Notion Template
an image of a website page with pictures and text
۰ ⸂ぬ  ࣪˖⁩ 𝙳𝙰𝙼𝙽✸𝙻𝙸𝙻𝙰 ⋆ ࣪ 🕷 !
an image of a computer screen with many different things on it
money tracker ²³ [TEMPLATE] | Notion
some school supplies are laying on top of each other, including a ruler and a calculator
Math Stationery PNG Transparent, Hand Drawn Style Math Stationery Elements, Math Clipart, Mathematics, Draft PNG Image For Free Download
math clipart,mathematics,draft,formula,notebook,note,protractor,square ruler,pen,lovely,hand painted,soft pale,cartoon
an image of some math related objects on top of each other, including a calculator and ruler
Math Stationery Hd Transparent, Cute Style Math Stationery Elements, Mathematics, Note, Notebook PNG Image For Free Download
a notebook with some writing on it and arrows pointing to different places in the page
the homepage for an app with pink flowers and hearts on it, as well as text
como mudar a cor do texto no notion
an image of a website page with pink and purple colors
pixel notion home dashboard aesthetic ·˚
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