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Why you should start using a shampoo bar?
3 REASONS TO SWITCH TO A SHAMPOO BAR •They are highly effective •Less water -more active ingredients. •Plastic Free Have you ever tried a shampoo bar?
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Bloom | Zero-waste Shampoo Bar | Pink Clay + Geranium l Plant Based l Eco-Friendly l No Artificial Colorants l No Fragrance Oils
"Our zero-waste shampoo bars contain pure geranium and lavender essential oils that can promote healthy-looking hair. It will give hair a vibrant glow. If you have long hair, this shampoo bar is a great choice for you. Pair with our conditioner bars for silk and smooth hair. ● Normal to Oily ● All Hair Types ● pH Balanced ● Safe with colored hair ● Our Shampoo Bars do NOT contain the following harmful ingredients often found in store-bought shampoos: SLS Formaldehyde Parabens Glycol ethers Para
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Botanic inspired packaging design
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"Potted Calathea Plant" Sticker for Sale by Gush Art Studio
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Skin Care Stickers for Sale
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Skincare Enthusiast Sticker by PothosPepper
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skincare enthusiast sticker
Solid shampoo Costa Blanca Organics Natural Shampoo, Pet Shampoo, Clean Body, Shampoo Bar
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