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an open book with spanish writing on the page and a black ink pen in front of it
an older man and woman laying in bed with the caption'muchos hijos, pelean por la herenia de usus sus padres, peros, perues,
an advertisement with the words 10 frasses written in spanish and english on it
10 Frases célebres de Agatha Christie
a poster with the words 10 cosass que tu madre nunca te dipo
a woman's face is shown with the words in spanish
the words in spanish are written on an old, worn and stained paper with black ink
a poem written in spanish on a white sheet with black writing and an image of a cat
the words are written in spanish on a green and pink background with an image of a bird
a purple background with pink flowers and the words,'una hija es uno de los
Frases Citas Escritos ✒👩🏻✒👩🏻
Love Messages, Alba, Bebes
the words in spanish are written on pink paper