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Owl Boxes. This site is from England. In Michigan we have the screech owl, which requires a 3 inch hole. Box should be 10 to 30 feet off ground. Box must be water tight. We need owls to keep those little pesky chipmunks and such in check. Think owl! in your backyard.
ALFRED BASHA mainly draws with black-inked pen and at night; lover of bright contrasts where no-one stoke is similar to the previous nor to the next. - created via
Woodworker: Dave Boykin Furniture designers Boykin and Pearce (the latter now retired) knew the book-matched walnut boards used for this cantilevered coffee table were special when they first laid...
100 Stunning Rock Garden Landscaping Ideas
Runder Couchtisch aus Beton auf Ein Materialmix wie er moderner und innovativer nicht sein könnte: Dieser Beistelltisch hat eine runde Oberplatte aus Beton und Retrofüße aus Holz. Der kleine Tisch wird zum Design Highlight in Ihrer stylischen Wohnung. Eine tolle moderne Dekoidee für Wohnzimmer, Schlafzimmer und mehr mit praktischem Nutzen! Perfekt zu skandinavischen Designmöbeln. Hier finden:
Vaso de Cimento c/ Estrutura de Madeira
Dispersion 2 Photoshop Action Download Here: Create advanced looking dispersion effects in no time at all. You can choose from UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT or MIDDLE directions. You simply open a photo, create a new layer called ‘brush’, brush where you want to apply the effect and click play! It really is that simple. The action has been tested and working on Photoshop (English version) CS5,CS6,CC.
Double Exposure Photoshop Action
Leather archer glove. Guante arquería by SvartaLader on Etsy