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some plants are sitting on top of white crates in front of a window with curtains
Tiered Crate Plant Stands | Projects | Michaels
Clearing out the clutter? Looking to make a fresh start? We recommend organizing your space with the clean white lines of this DIY tiered plant stand. It’s made from simple wooden storage crates that we just painted and stacked. Add your botanical buddies for a lively, leafy finish.
a white bedroom with plants and pictures on the wall
Adairs | NZ Launch
Strak zwart-wit urban jungle interieur met grafische prints // via The Design Chaser
an instagram page with plants and pictures on it
Compón en verde.
there are many potted plants on the table in this living room, and one is green
Review: Woood Rhonda bijzettafel
a collage of photos showing different stages of making a planter out of pallets
Jardín vertical con un palé
Jardín vertical con un palé - - DIY Pallet Garden
three geometric planters with plants in them on a white wall, one is shaped like a triangle
White Umbra Trigg Geometric Wall Planter set
three shelves with plants on them against a white wall
three shelves with plants on them and hanging from the wall
10 Modern Wall Mounted Plant Holders To Decorate Bare Walls
the instructions for hanging planters are shown in several different styles and sizes, including one with
I’m a huge fan of plants, and because we live in an urban area, I’m always looking for more ways to bring the outdoors in. Not only is greenery hard to come by on the outskirts of DC, but living in one of the most grid-locked cities in America leaves something to be desired in terms of air quality, both outdoor and indoor. With little floor space left in our little 650 sf apartment, lately I’ve been drawn to hanging planters as a means of squeezing more plants into our space. Here ar...
a wall mounted planter filled with different types of plants
Ideas originales para decorar interiores con plantas - Decoración de Interiores y Exteriores - EstiloyDeco
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