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a person is drawing with markers and watercolors
Bogotá! Tendremos taller de técnicas mixtas este 7 o 8 de abril, no es necesario ser expertos en dibujo, basta con ser entusiastas del…
an open notebook with colorful fruit and writing on it, next to a rubber pen
GORGEOUS! Just look at this sketchbook aww... I LOVE discovering creative art sketchbooks made by talented artists. There's so much inspiration in them... each page filled with amazing drawings and cute illustrations - love it! #artsketchbook #artsketchbook ideas #creativeartsketchbook
watermelon slices are arranged on top of each other
Joooo...por finnnn...!!!! He comprobado que sin Pinterets no puedo vivir.....Ufffff.... Queria haberte puesto q estaba deseando sentir el sabor de la sandia en mi boca.....pero se envio la foto y no pude poner el texto.....Bueno...hoy sigo teniendo las mismas ganas...o unas poquitas más...!!!! Espero q tuvieras buen viaje de ida y vuelta a Zmra...aunq fue breve seguro que intenso...con tu familia...a tus padres les prestaria...seguro q a ti tb...ese atardecer,precioso...!!!Beso...Nena
a watermelon slice with the words hello summer written on it
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an abstract painting with black dots on pink and green watermelon, against a white background
Watermelon Wash Art Print
a pattern with strawberries, raspberries and other fruits on a pink background
Fondos frutas
watermelon slices on a pink background with black dots and green leaves in the middle
Water melón! ☺☺☺
an illustration of pineapples, bananas and other tropical plants
a pattern with lemons, leaves and flowers on a light pink background for wallpaper
the words hello sunshine are surrounded by lemons
Lemons iphone wallpaper. Hello sunshine quote