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a tall building with many windows on the top and bottom floor, in front of a sky background
Aikya Signature by Mandviwala Qutub and Associates
a tall building with lots of windows and plants growing on the side of it's sides
敦南御所 | MAG玫格設計
#taipei #高級住所#magdesign 全案設計
an apartment building with balconies and trees in the foreground
敦南御所 | MAG玫格設計
敦南御所 | MAG玫格設計
the tall building has many windows on it's sides and is next to an empty parking lot
集合住宅 [シティハウス品川サウス] | 受賞対象一覧 | Good Design Award
a man walking his dog in front of a tall building
Waterfall - SJB
SJB | Projects - Waterfall by Crown Group
two very tall buildings sitting next to each other on the side of a road in front of trees
Unit at The Marq on Paterson Hill sold for $29.5 mil
The Marq on Paterson Hill |
an apartment building with plants growing on the balconies
Rafat Kamar - Ronen Bekerman - 3D Architectural Visualization & Rendering Blog
Rafat Kamar - Ronen Bekerman - 3D Architectural Visualization & Rendering Blog
two tall buildings in the middle of an empty street with no cars or people on it
保利紫云 - 金盘网 - 中国领先的房地产开发平台
two tall buildings next to each other in front of a parking lot with cars parked on the street
保利紫云 - 金盘网 - 中国领先的房地产开发平台
an artist's rendering of a tall building with balconies
Proyecto Arquitectura Edificio Sucre, Lima Perú
Edificio Multifamiliar Sucre, Lima PERU - Vértice Arquitectos
an upward view of the side of a tall building
Sarah sadeq architects