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a black and white photo with the words in spanish
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Frases de Libros - Comunidad - Google+
two girls singing into microphones with the caption in spanish
Insultos para no lectores
two people with red bandannas on their heads and one is kissing the other
es cosa de enamorados ♥ the notebook diario de una pasión el diario de noah
the girl in the mirror is talking to her friend about what she's doing
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two people sitting in a car with the caption how come you've never written a song for me?
¿Y qué tengo que hacer para que me escribas una canción?- Tienes que ponerme cuernos o mucho pero- ¿y para un álbum competo?- Oye, no seas ambiciosa. Si Decido Quedarme
a young man and woman standing next to each other in front of a white background
Si decido quedarme - Gayle Forman. #IfIStay
four pictures of a woman holding a cell phone and smiling at the same person's face
Atrapada en letras y sonidos
the words in spanish are written on white paper with green writing and black lettering,
Yy mirar con mala cara a los que digan "Oh, ¿Ya sacaron el libro?
several pictures of the characters in disney's animated movies, including prince and princess
cualquier parecido con la realidad es mera coincidencia....
the words are written in black and white, with an image of a woman's face
Memes de libros :D - ♡Típico De Lector/a♡
La mejor recopilación (Y creación) de imágenes, chistes y memes de di… #detodo De Todo #amreading #books #wattpad
some type of font that is in different languages
frases de divergente
frases de divergente - Buscar con Google
an image of people talking and smiling in the same language with captioning below
Where stories live
Frases de libros - Hush hush - Wattpad
a man sitting at a table in front of a book with the caption when the slowest reader offers to read out loud
"Cada vez que abres un libro y te dispones a leerlo un árbol sonríe, … #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad
many different pictures of the same person with their names in spanish and english on them
Por eso es que los amo!