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the contents of a grocery bag are shown in front of it, including two bags and three packages
Compostable Bags from Polybags
some thing special compostable folders are stacked on top of each other with an orange background
BJ Ball Home Compostable Courier Bags - BJ Ball Packaging
a black bag with the words leave nothing behind
Home Compostable, Biodegradable, secure, durable mail/postage/courier bags (25pcs)
a black paper bag on a white background
A4 Compostable Courier Bags
two blue pillows with the same price tag on them and an orange sticker that says, why post when you can send?
Sustainable packaging satchels | Sendle Australia
a green bag with the word comfort - air printed on it's front side
the earth is in your hands compost - a - pah bag on a white background
a green bag sitting on the ground next to a yellow line
A4 Satchel Compostable Courier bags
the hero packaging logo is shown on a yellow background with green letters and a shield
Eco Friendly & Sustainable | Compostable Mailers | Hero Packaging
the zero waste packaging is shown in blue and white
Plastic mailers that are actually not plastic?
Check out our new biodegradable packaging - Made from OXO biodegradable materials that break down into biomass.
the size and width of a sheet of white paper with green lines on each side
Eco Bag Small (32cm x 42cm) | Eco Garment Bags
an open box with a white and yellow pattern on it
Packaging Inspiration
This summer I've noticed a trending vibe with clients: retro color palettes, rainbows and suns and unique patterns keep popping up time and time again – and I'm here for it! | packaging design, print design, packaging design inspiration, packaging ideas, rainbow design, branding, good branding, branding ideas #branding #packaging