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a hand is reaching for some miniature items on a red tablecloth with other objects
Dit item is niet beschikbaar | Etsy
AFGEWERKTE ITEM... Doll House Miniatures Artisan Vintage stijl | Etsy
how to make a scrapbook cover with construction paper and colored pencils - step by step instructions
Original artwork
como hacer libreta chica …
there are three pictures showing how to make an origami flower out of paper
the instructions to make an apple book with paper and glue are shown in several different ways
29 Llaveros de los que tus llaves se enamorarían a primera vista
Creo que no me volverán a abrir la puerta si no les consigo uno.
a person holding an open wooden box with two different items in it and one is empty
Big Red Beard Combs Rambler | WERD
The Rambler Kit from Big Red Beard combs keeps everything handy for on-the-go beard maintenance. Made of solid Sapele wood with brass hardware the kit features a No. 9 comb and storage for travel size beard oil & beard balm. Big Red offers custom engraving on the kit for free.
three wooden pencils are sitting next to each other on a table with a notepad
10 Unique & Creative Pencil Case Designs That Will Turn A Lot Of Heads ⋆ THE ENDEARING DESIGNER
an open brown leather case with pens, pencils and other items
Un viaje por la memoria!!! Yo tenía una cartuchera parecida cuando estaba en el colegio...pero no de cuero...
an open tin with some items in it
Lata recuerdos viajes
two tins with magnets attached to them sitting on a tiled counter next to each other
Try It Tuesday~lets get crafty!!!!!
Notes in a tin... I have a bazillion empty Altoid tins I could use for this!
two tins sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other, one with a face painted on it
How to make a hand crank music box (tutorial)
How to make a hand crank music box (tutorial) | a green and simple place