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a place mat with a fork, knife and spoon on it
Вышитые скатерти (трафик)
Вышитые скатерти (трафик) / Вышивка / ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА - Выкройки, мода и современное рукоделие и DIY
the words happy children's day written in multicolored letters
Diseño colorido para el día del niño | Vector Gratis
Diseño colorido para el día del niño
three toy horses hanging from a circular mobile
Sitio privado
Móviles III
various items are displayed on a black surface
Lise Meunier
a knitted sweater and booties are next to a baby's outfit on a white surface
Costume d'ancres – Tricoter – #costume #d39ancres #Tricoter
Costume d'ancres - Tricoter - #costume #d39ancres #Tricoter
a white t - shirt with black dots and a bear drawn on the front in half
#hand-embroidery | Untitled
an old sweater with white embroidered flowers on the front and back, sitting against a wooden background
UNIQLOセーター変身第二弾!楽しい♪ #ウール刺繍 #セーターに刺繍 #アップルトン
four plates with faces drawn on them sitting next to each other in front of a facebook page
I like the blue happy face for rings and stuff on my nightstand!
three different ways to sew a t - shirt with an arrow on the back
Branch Embroidered Crop T-shirt - White
Tessa Perlow embroideries                                                                                                                                                      More Fashion, Tank Tops, Women, Tank
Tessa Perlow Covers Upcycled Clothing in Embroidered Blooms
Tessa Perlow embroideries More
an object made out of concrete and wooden sticks hanging from it's hooks on a black background
I can’t believe it isn’t Papier Mache! - Yanko Design
The 'Dome' is lamp which is actually a Paper-Concrete Composite, so it’s paper based, yet sturdy, it comes with a classy bent bamboo strap that complements the dome’s rustic style... READ MORE at Yanko Design !
there are two pictures with different items on them, one is empty and the other has utensils
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Create this DIY SERVING TRAY to match your style and home decor, with precut wood from the home improvement store, this comes together in no time!