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two wooden logs with the words nature spirits and element beings working with the intelligent nature
Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings by Marko Pogacnik
the art of throwing techniques and techniques
Le Livre des projections : Principes et techniques by Marc Tedeschi Hardcover | Indigo Chapters
L'Encyclopédie du combat de Marc Tedeschi est l'ensemble le plus cohérent et le plus riche jamais publié sur les techniques de combat. Dans ce volume, l'auteur développe un des cinq volets de la pratique : comment jeter un adversaire au sol. Quelque 130 techniques sont décrites avec clarté et précision. - Étude comparative- Combinaisons- Défense contre projections | Le Livre des projections : Principes et techniques by Marc Tedeschi Hardcover | Indigo Chapters
the book cover for our love is our power, with an image of a woman holding flowers
Our Love Is Our Power: Working with the Net of Light That Holds the Earth by McErlane, Sharon - - 0978846818 by Netsource Distribution
This used book is in Very Good condition. The Grandmothers are here. The Great Council has come to return the Earth to balance, to restore the feminine principle, and bring the energies of yin and yang into harmony. "We will do this work primarily through individual women," they say. "The time is now and women must lead. Women are the natural reservoirs of Yin for this planet."Grandmothers' groups and study circles have sprung up all over the world, meeting regularly to share the Grandmothers' m
the cover of how to fight muay thai
How to Fight Muay Thai: Your Step By Step Guide to Fighting Muay Thai by Howexpert; Mosley, Jane
If you want to learn how to fight Muay Thai, then get How to Fight Muay Thai narrated by a real-life Muay Thai instructor. This How to Fight Muay Thai guide will give you all the history, traditions, customs, and basic techniques you need to know to begin Muay Thai. If you've always wanted to start Muay Thai, but weren't sure what the techniques are and how to perform them, How to Fight Muay Thai will explain basic techniques that you can learn quickly. You can then build on those basic techniqu
Jiu Jitsu, John Lennon, Psicologia, Virtuoso, Libros, Survival
Libro de Remedios de Fray Anselmo (Circa 1920) | PDF | Vino | Agua
Karate, Muay Thai, Fitness, Kung Fu Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts, Wing Chun, Kenpo, Martial, Sanat
Pa-kua: Chinese Boxing for Fitness and Self-defence by Smith, Robert W - - 0870408097 by Japan Pubns. Inc.
an old book with the title in it's center and some writing on top
Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, the OTO and Chicago