Herramientas para tallar piedras

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a metal rooster sculpture sitting next to a wooden fence
Unique Horseshoe Art and Home Decor
'Helloooo ladies!' Rooster made from recycled steel horseshoes. Stands approximately 41cm tall. Available by order for $45 from Rustic Horseshoe Designs, Australia. Postage available interstate and overseas. Find us on facebook.
three green sculptures sitting on top of rocks
Scarecrow was made to scare away birds and small animals but for this Halloween season, let's just say they lean more towards spooky decor and scaring the neighbors!
a bottle opener with a beer in it and a hand holding the handle to open
a pair of metal scissors sitting on top of a yellow background with the words, george net
CJ Forge Blacksmith
an iron gate in the middle of a wooded area
Horsing around... Worn Horseshoes Ideas
Great gate design with horseshoes! Maybe for the court yard??
a pair of gold horseshoes on a green cloth with clipping to the side
CowboyCadillacHorse | Etsy
a wine bottle holder made to look like a man