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эн дроны убийци
ам.... и чо он там забыл :^
an animated character holding up a sign that says d i in front of him with glowing eyes
an animated character holding a flower in front of a glowing sign that says 0 on it
Uzi shocked
a paper doll standing on top of a table next to a stack of folded books
Some old art I’d like to share
i love murderbones on a black background
an animated character with glowing yellow eyes
N x Uzi | ♡
an animated doll with purple hair holding a small white object in her hand and looking at the camera
𖦹 ࣪ ۪ ☆ ࣪ ˓˓ Uzi icon ִ ࣪ ۪ ָ֢ !!
ִ ᮫ ˒˒ Uzi (murder drones) ・₊˚꒰🐚 Créditos a su creador