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a cat keychain with ear buds attached to it
a cell phone case made to look like a green gameboy with black buttons on it
Five wacky, maybe tempting iPod/iPhone accessories
gameboy felt case
a small wallet with a cat on it
Capinha gatinho
a cell phone case with a pink cat on the front and buttons in the back
Portacellulari in feltro
Fairy Creativa: Portacellulari in feltro
there are many different cell phones with faces on them, and one has an owl
Fundas para móvil DIY
Felt iPhone cases
the panda bear headphones are laying on the ground
Irresistibles productos que intentarán convertirte en un PANDA
Panda ipod/ phone case
two cell phones with bow ties on them
Funda de Gafas y Movil de tela y fieltro (Pack de regalo)
Funda de Gafas y Movil de tela y fieltro (Pack de regalo)
a cell phone case with two black cats on it and a moon in the background
there are many different pictures of birds on the table with yarn and scissors in it
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three different views of the inside of an open gift box with red ribbon on it
DIY Bird Nest Gift Box
Cajitas Más
two pictures with cats on them, one is hanging from the wall and another has been cut out to look like cat heads
Mini Kitty Garland
Insanely cute on the front and even cuter from the back! Decorate your place with this adorable kitty garland.
the instructions for how to make an origami purse
Fabric Gift Bag Tutorial
Traditional-style Fabric Gift Bag con Fierro
an open card with a cupcake on it and the word embella written in large letters
Explosionsbox zum Geburtstag
Stoff und Stempel: Explosionsbox zum Geburtstag
how to make an apple pouch out of jeans
Ingenioso bolso reciclando un pantalón vaquero
Ingenioso bolso reciclando un pantalón vaquero / Via
several different pictures of pens, pencils and other items Organizador de Escritorio, Paso a Paso, Manualidad...