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an image of a character from the video game masstronics, created by me
Atros (Atrocitus)
an artist's rendering of a man in yellow and red armor with flames coming out of his chest
a character from the movie black panther standing in front of a dark background with yellow accents
Modern Talon Concept design
a character from the video game ninja
The Owl, Christophe Pichette
ArtStation - Modern Talon Concept design
an artist's rendering of the batman costume
TokuJay on Instagram: “Beyond! A little break from the usual, but this was a lot of fun. There's been a few Batman Beyond designs over the years, but I always…”
a man dressed as the flash standing in front of a gray background
Shazam Fury of The Gods - final concept
man in superman costume walking down the hall
a man in a superman costume standing on rocks
superman flying through the air with his cape open in front of blue sky and clouds
a man in a superman suit with a red cape
Superman, Saifuddin Dayana