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an artistic sculpture made out of cardboard
Les cahiers de Joséphine
bartek-elsner- un arbre géant en carton
an old man standing on top of a metal pole with tennis balls in front of him
Stilt Costumes - Stilt Fun Provides Great Entertainment
Stilt Costumes - Stilt Fun Provides Great Entertainment
a skeleton wind chime hanging from the ceiling
Esqueleto con material reciclado - Diario Educación
a room filled with lots of different items hanging from the ceiling next to each other
StopWaste - Home, Work, School
Milk Jug Skeletons
a drawing of a person holding a large object
a man standing next to a statue of a person holding a stick and wearing a headdress
« Les Grandes Personnes sont nées en 1998, elles sont installées à Aubervilliers, en France. Elles ont pour vocation d’...
a group of people walking down a street holding flags and wings in the shape of birds
Puppet Collection — Kinetic Dreams
The Bird giant puppet
a man in a trench coat holding two poles with a face painted on the side
two people standing next to each other in front of a white wall with a pink bag on it
Clienta rica
Toy Theatre, Puppet Toys, Scarecrow, Human Puppet, Kids Playing
a wooden bench with a paper mask on it
Flickr: wrnking's Photostream
a large mushroom like object is lit up in the night sky with colorful lights behind it
The Hippie Commune
The Hippie Commune and of course the Magic Mushroom :)