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steam rising from a teapot on top of a stove
a person picking blueberries from a bush in the grass with a metal strainer
raspberries growing on the side of a field with green grass and blue sky in the background
a skateboard is sitting on the concrete in front of a wooden fence and bench
Photo 5 of 14 in Eagle Rock House by Barbara Bestor Architecture
a wooden porch with a swing chair and potted plants on the back deck area
a wooden deck in front of a house surrounded by trees and rocks on the ground
Galeria de Casa em Kamisawa / Tato Architects - 22
there is a stone path leading up to the house
“Hagari House”
an outdoor grill with food cooking on it next to a river and grassy area in the background
a child's play area in the backyard with sand and flowers on the ground