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many different pictures are hanging on the wall in front of each other with trees and birds
two children's paper cutouts sitting on top of a table
several different shapes and sizes of sticks on a table next to a blue container with strawberries
2D Shape Activities for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten - Pocket of Preschool
the number match is made out of matchesticks and paper with numbers on them
50 Ideas para enseñar matemáticas - Preescolar y Primaria
an assortment of children's cartoon watches hanging on a wall with the words vogass aejou above them
Painel das Vogais em EVA
a table topped with lots of cards and magnets
75 NUEVOS JUEGOS MATEMÁTICOS conteo, números, operaciones básicas, etc.
two pictures showing how to make an art project with foam and colored pencils in a wooden box
PIZARRA CASERA, el gusto de escribir sobre sal, arena o harina
a child's activity book with the title counting activity 4 kids
Learning to Count Activity
several different colored and white toothbrushes on a blue surface with numbers in them
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