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If you're looking for playdate snacks, you can find them here. Playdate granola bars, kid-friendly snacks, and fun ideas!
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Best Homemade Granola Bars
Your family will love these natural, healthy granola bars. And they only have 7 ingredients (Quaker Chewy has 28+). Ditch the mystery ingredients and go natural with this easy granola bar recipe! This is a great snack your kids will love. Find out how to make this easy granola today. With this simple recipe you can make granola cookies are bars. #heathlysnacks
the words 8 travel - friendly protein snacks are shown in four different pictures, including eggs and
8 Healthy Protein Snacks For Traveling
Compared to other macronutrients, protein is perhaps the most important for those looking to live a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it assist in building muscle, but it also improves recovery and assists in giving you sustainable energy. An easy to digest protein supplement is not that hard to come by and in this article, we look at a couple of the best protein snacks that you should keep in your travel bag for when those hunger cravings kick in. #travel #travelsnacks #protein
A collage of unique charcuterie boards: "jarcuterie," a grazing box, a Greek charcuterie board, and a Keto board. Fine Food, Dinner, A Food, Party Main Dish, Food Blogger, Easy Meals, Easy Party Food, Charcuterie Board, Easy Dinner
27 of the Most Unique Charcuterie Boards
Elevate your hosting game with these 27 unique charcuterie board ideas! Whether you're looking for seasonal boards to match the time of year, themed boards to complement your party decor, or nontraditional boards to shake things up, you're sure to find inspiration here. These boards are perfect when you want to host a gathering but don't want to cook.
a platter with crackers, cheeses and meat on it is featured in the cover of an ad for aldi holiday charette platter
Holiday Charcuterie Board (with Aldi Cheese Board Ideas)
If you're looking for an easy holiday appetizer, try this Aldi Holiday Charcuterie Platter with homemade cranberry salsa. It's inexpensive and quick to put together! Check it out! #charcuterieboard #holidayappetizer #holidaycharcuterie #appetizer #entertainingideas
a white plate topped with carrots, cucumbers and hummus
Homemade Hummus -- Better Than Store-Bought! | The Welcoming Table
Making homemade hummus is easy and fast. Creamy and lemon-y, this hummus recipe is soooo good! Try it today! #hummus #hummusrecipe #homemadehummus #homemadehummusrecipe #healthyappetizer #healthysnack #playdatensack #appetizerrecipe #dip #diprecipe #thewelcomingtable
twelve edible crafts for kids to make with the title overlay reads 12 nature themed edible crafts for kids
Nature Themed Snacks for Kids
a bowl of homemade salsa with tortilla chips on the side and text that reads restaurant - quality homemade salsa
Homemade Salsa -- Couldn't Be Easier! | The Welcoming Table
If you're looking for the tastiest, easiest, homemade salsa recipe, it's right here! Made in your blender in only 5 minutes, you'll be eating restaurant-quality salsa in no time. Plus a jalapeño hack so you don't risk getting pepper-y hands (or eyes)! #salsa #mexicanfood #homemadesalsa #restaurantsalsa #easysalsa #cinqodemayo #chipsanddip #chipsandsalsa #thewelcomingtable
charcuterie board filled with kid snacks - pretzels, cheese cubes, mini muffins, salami, strawberries, raspberries, grapes Party Snacks, Appetizer Snacks, Charcuterie Lunch, Lunch Snacks, Kids Lunch, Kid Friendly Meals, Fun Kids Food
Kid Friendly Charcuterie Board - After School Snack Ideas
healthy homemade snack bars stacked on top of each other with text overlay that reads healthy homemade snack ideas
130 Healthy Homemade Snack Ideas for the Family
Healthy after school snack ideas for the school year!
an advertisement for air fryer boiled eggs on a plate
How to Make Perfectly Cooked Soft-Boiled Eggs in The Air Fryer
How to Make Perfectly Cooked Hard-Boiled Eggs in The Air Fryer. This is the best Easter recipe because you can easily get hard-boiled eggs with no effort, perfect for egg salad and deviled eggs. Try these Air Fryer Eggs, Hard Boiled or Soft Boiled Eggs, for breakfast, snack ideas, and more. Make soft-boiled eggs or hard-boiled eggs with these easy steps.
a bowl filled with roasted squash seeds on top of a white countertop next to the words, crispy roasted squash seeds our plant - based world
Crispy Roasted Squash Seeds
Discover the secret to unlocking the perfect crunch with our comprehensive guide to roasting squash seeds. Explore exciting flavors, easy-to-follow instructions, and tips from culinary experts to roast squash seeds that are crispy, delicious, and packed with nutrition. Savor not just a snack, but an experience that charms your taste buds.
a glass bowl filled with pumpkin seeds on top of a cutting board next to some cinnamon sticks
Easy Sweet Honey Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Honey roasted pumpkin seeds are an easy way to make use of the seeds from your Halloween pumpkin. Pumpkin seeds get tossed with olive oil, sweet honey, cinnamon, and sea salt for a yummy snack or topping! #pumpkin #pumpkinseeds #recipe #honey #snack #halloween
a bowl filled with cereal and nuts on top of a table
Nutritious Study Time Snack Mix
Nutritious Study Time Snack Mix gets top marks for flavor and fun! Popcorn, dried fruit and nuts along with sweet treats like M&Ms and mini alphabet cookies. Sweet, salty, and so yummy! We always keep a batch of this on hand in the pantry. It’s perfect for fueling homework sessions, test prep, and getting those read-a-thon minutes. For younger kids who don’t need to study, it makes a great after school snack.
baked zucchini chips on a white plate
Baked Zucchini Chips
Baked Zucchini Chips make a delicious and healthy snack. These oven baked zucchini chips are golden brown and crispy with the savory flavors of garlic and parmesan. This is a healthier, lower carb alternative and may be enjoyed as a snack or side dish. They’re very easy to make and are done in about 35 minutes. This recipe can easily be made gluten-free by using gluten-free bread crumbs. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips, make these healthier zucchini chips instead!
blue bowl of black bean and corn salad Side Dishes, Side Dish Recipes, Side Dishes Easy, Corn Salads, Perfect Side Dish, Vegetable Side Dishes, Side Recipes, Salad Dressing Recipes
Black Bean and Corn Salad
This easy black bean and corn salad is the perfect side dish or dip with tortilla chips. Filled with earthy black beans, crunchy corn, and creamy avocado and mixed with a balsamic vinaigrette, it satisfies all your taste buds!