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a drawing of a person with a hat and coat on, holding a stuffed animal
a drawing of a woman with headphones on her ears and wearing a black skirt
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a pink circle that says what to do tonight think about
i love keebo
Nagito Komaeda, Romp, K1 B0 Icons, New Danganronpa V3
an anime character with white hair and green eyes wearing a black suit, standing in front of a dark background
an anime character with white hair and blue eyes, wearing a black and white dress
Kiibo maid
an anime character with long hair and glasses
⚡️ ᴋ1ʙ0 ⚡️
an anime character with white hair and black outfit holding his hands to his chest while standing in front of a white background
Cat boy keebo
an image of some anime characters with different expressions on the same page and words that say, do it for him
an image of a person with flowers on their head and another drawing in the background
Kiibo / K1-B0 / Keebo
an image of a cartoon character with two speech bubbles above his head and the caption says, i guess you are my little poochans