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Como darse un buen masaje facial. #infografía #masaje
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Make a flip flops from scarf
Use a no-fray fabric, like modal, no-fray chiffon or polar fleece for a winter version, since is a no sew no fusing, and very quick top to make.    Cut a rectangle twice as long as you want your top to be, and elbow to elbow wide.  Then fold to find the center (use chalk to mark it, i used a pointed line in the drawing).   Cut the neck hole on one side of the pointed line (a triangle or half a circle would work fine, you can tweak it later) and put it on. Mark with chalk the waist and make 2…
Wool Blanket Coat Tutorial capa fácil chal chalina paño lana rrápido elegante sin maquina de coser  estupendo para campo y fiestas
Excelente idea!
How To Reduce Hip Dips And Get Rid Of Violin Hips
Cadenas de cuentas hecho a mano blanco perla por mislady en Etsy
Cuello bufanda calentador en espiga de color rosa y por FashionCogs
Carrie Necklace - Sex And The City Necklace -Carrie Bradshaw  Inspired Pearl…