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Schlüsseltasche aus PU-Leder
Keine Schlüssel mehr, die Telefone und andere Wertsachen zerkratzen. Benutze es! Dieses niedliche Schlüsseletui braucht jeder. EIGENSCHAFTEN: BESTE QUALITÄT VOLLNARIGES ECHTES LEDER Vollnarbenleder ist sehr flexibel, weich und langlebig, was der Lederhaut ein schönes Aussehen verleiht. Es ist stark, langlebig und beständig gegen heißes und kaltes Wetter.
Needle Felting Artist Creates Cute Animals That Appear Unbelievably Realistic
his needle felting artist from St. Petersburg, Russia, uses soft wool of realistic colors for needle felting to create pups, kittens, hedgehogs, and other adorable animals. Her felted pet portraits, more specifically her felted cat portraits, are a rage on the internet.
Work in progress - silk and felt scarf with flowers
Felt flower brooch Calla lily orange , Mothers day gifts for flower lover, Spring accessories
Made to order (Processing time approx. 3-5 business days) Felt brooch Calla Lily. Handmade from 100% natural merino wool . Unique product ! On the back brooch pin. Dimensions: 6'' (15 sm) 100% natural and eco friendly. All Made with 'Wet Felting process'. It will cheer you up no matter how you wear it : pinned to your bag, coat, dress, hat or a scarf. Can decorate with any article of clothing. I can perform in other colors .
Felted scarf with flowers, wet felting wool, silk and merino wool scarf, gify for her, handmade
The hand-made shawl combines a silk fabric with a soft and smooth Australian merino wool (18 microns). The edge of the scarf is narrow and covered with wool on both sides. One side of the shawl is decorated with a felt pattern inspired by flowers. In addition, I decorated felt flowers with shiny raw silk. The scarf is thin, delicate, smooth and sensual.