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All kinds of delicious Mexican Food recipes from tacos, burritos, enchiladas, nachos, taquitos, salsas, empanadas, quesadillas, Spanish rice, fish tacos, Pico…
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Chipotle corn salsa scooped up on a tortilla chip.
Chipotle Corn Salsa
Chipotle corn salsa is a copycat recipe that you can make right at home and uses less than ten ingredients. It’s a wonderful dip for parties and can also be served with your favorite Mexican dishes.
A tostada topped with lettuce, tomato, and sour cream on a white plate with blue trim. Lunches And Dinners, Mexican Food Recipes, Stuffed Peppers, Parties, Chicken Fajita Recipe, Tacos And Burritos, Chicken Tostadas, Corn Tortillas, Grilled Chicken Tacos
Mini Chicken Tostadas
These mini chicken tostadas are a flavorful and delicious recipe that makes a great lunch or dinner recipe, and is loaded with tender chicken, fresh vegetables, cheese, all atop a crispy tostada shell.
Quesadillas stacked up on a white plate, showing melted cheese, steak, and peppers. Enchiladas, Pizzas, Barbecue Recipes, Sandwiches, Steak Quesadilla Recipes, Steak Quesadilla, Quesadilla Recipes, Quesadilla Recipes Easy
Steak Quesadillas
Steak quesadillas are a delicious and easy meal to whip up that make a great appetizer, lunch, or dinner recipe. The quesadillas are loaded with tender steak, cheese, and peppers.
A serving of enchiladas on a white plate, topped with cilantro and black olives. Ground Beef, Ground Beef Burritos, Ground Beef Enchiladas, Beef Enchiladas, Best Enchiladas, Beef Enchilada Recipe, Mexican Side Dishes
Ground Beef Enchiladas
These ground beef enchiladas are so easy to make, quick to get on the table, and so incredibly delicious. They’re loaded with tons of flavor, seasoned ground beef, and lots of cheese. A perfect weeknight meal.
Two plates lined with carne asada tacos, all topped with beef, onion, and cilantro.
Carne Asada Street Tacos
These street tacos are super delicious. Corn tortillas filled with marinated and tender carne asada, onions, and cilantro.
A double photo collage of cheese enchiladas on a white plate. Healthy Recipes, Sour Cream, Cheese Enchiladas, Enchilada Casserole Beef, Quesadillas, Easy Enchiladas
Cheese Enchiladas
These irresistible cheese enchiladas with green chiles are a quick and easy enchilada recipe made with soft flour tortillas filled with a spicy 3-pepper Colby Jack cheese and diced green chiles, covered in a creamy, smoky red enchilada sauce, covered with even more cheese, and baked to melty perfection.
An overhead photo of a serving of carne asada fries drizzled with sour cream. Cooking, Salsa, Burritos, Backen, Pico De Gallo, Cuisine, Taquitos, Fries
Carne Asada Fries
These carne asada fries are incredible. Crispy French fries topped with tender carne asada meat, sour cream, lots of cheese, tomatoes, and more. They’re super flavorful and make a great appetizer or dinner recipe for any night of the week.
A chip with a big serving of tomato salsa on it. Bruschetta, Foods, Snacks, Tasty
Fresh Tomato Salsa
Fresh tomato salsa is a light and refreshing salsa that is super easy to make and is loaded with tons of flavor. It’s a great topping for nachos, burritos, or tacos.
A double photo collage of mini chicken tostadas on a white plate with blue trim. Nachos, Empanadas, Tostadas
Mini Chicken Tostadas
These mini chicken tostadas are packed with juicy, seasoned chicken, crispy corn tortillas, and all the classic toppings, and are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. The flavor combination and the textures and tastes are simply irresistible, making them perfect for parties, potlucks, or a satisfying appetizer everyone will enjoy.
A close up photo of Mexican lasagna topped with cheese and black olives. Lasagne, Pasta, Mexican Lasagna Recipes, Mexican Lasagna, Tex Mex Lasagna, Enchilada Sauce
Mexican Lasagna
This Mexican Lasagna ditches the noodles for layers of warm flour tortillas stuffed with perfectly seasoned ground beef, refried beans, zesty seasonings, lots of Tex-Mex flavors, along with a cheese blend that is absolutely delicious. A delicious, family favorite weeknight recipe perfect for any occasion and is definitely a crowd-pleaser.
A double photo collage of carne asada tacos, topped with cilantro and onions, on white plates. Steak Enchiladas, Carne Asada Burrito, Carne Asada Steak, Street Taco Recipe, Carne Asada Recipes, Juice Orange, Carne Asada Tacos, Marinated Flank Steak
Carne Asada Street Tacos
Carne asada street tacos are made with steak that is marinated in a blend of zesty seasonings, lime juice, orange juice, cilantro, and more, then grilled to perfection and served in small, soft corn tortillas. These street tacos are the perfect quick and easy weeknight dinner the whole family will enjoy.
An overhead photo of a large bowl filled with Mexican street corn pasta salad with limes in the background for decoration. Salad Recipes, Pasta Salad, Salads, Side Dishes, Pasta Dishes, Pasta Salad Recipes, Mexican Street Corn
Mexican Street Corn Pasta Salad
This pasta salad is the perfect side dish to make for any occasion. It’s inspired by Mexican street corn, giving this dish a ton of flavors that are absolutely delicious.
A bite of rice and carne guisada on a fork. Beef Recipes, Marinated Beef, Traditional Mexican Dishes
Carne Guisada
This carne guisada is a traditional Mexican dish made with tender carne guisada served over a bed of rice. It has so much flavor, is easy to make, and is super delicious.
A serving of enchiladas on a gray and green plate with avocados, jalapenos, and a baking dish of enchiladas in the background.
Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas
These chicken enchiladas are a great recipe to make for dinner. They are loaded with tender shredded chicken, green chiles, and lots of cheese.
A double photo collage of fried tacos on a white plate. Taco Recipes Ground Beef, Taco Dishes, Crispy Tacos, Taquitos Beef, Ground Beef Quesadillas, Fried Tacos
Tacos Dorados
These ground beef tacos dorados (fried tacos) are packed with deliciously seasoned ground beef, onions, diced jalapeños, two types of cheese, and are a delicious way to enjoy crispy tacos.