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a man standing next to a large rock with a piece of art on top of it
Magnifiques sculptures mêlant minéral et bronze par l’artiste français Romain Langlois - Journal du Design
Magnifiques sculptures en pierre et bronze par l’artiste français Romain Langlois - Journal du Design
a white light hanging from a tree in the snow
3D Assignments
Awesome: AP studio 3-D teacher's website, breadth projects
an art work with leaves on it
three different colored sculptures on display in a room
Knot Your Average Knit
KNOT YOUR AVERAGE KNIT A City Without Walls Exhibition Curated by Lovina Purple March 31 – May 11, 2012, Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 6. Opening Reception Saturday March 31, 6-8pm
four pictures showing how to make a leaf bowl
Crea tus propias macetas con concreto
two different views of the same path in the woods, one with white flowers on it
Come with me
Ellie Davies: Into the Woods 5 October – 17 November 2012.
an image of some rocks stacked on top of each other with the words drill holes just wide enough for repair, pound rebar into ground, then drop rocks down the pole
art environnemental - Recherche Google
a woman sitting in the middle of a forest surrounded by trees and logs, making a spiral
Karin van der Molen
several rocks arranged in the shape of a heart on top of a river with water running through them
DETAIL: create rustic stone arches to add whimsy to a garden, especially her water feature.
a sculpture made out of sticks in the middle of a forest with trees around it
Un artista ha passato un anno nelle foreste creando sculture surreali solo con materie prime naturali
#ARTIST Spencer Byles
two stone pillars with mushrooms growing out of them in the middle of a dirt road
El arte desafiando a la gravedad. Las fascinantes instalaciones de Cornelia Konrad - Cultura Inquieta
konrads 9
an aerial view of a forest with many trees in the foreground and circles drawn on the ground
Move Over, Andy Goldsworthy
MISTER COMPLETELY: Move Over, Andy Goldsworthy
an image of a river with yellow leaves on the ground and water in the background
a circular object in the middle of a forest with lots of leaves on the ground
this isn't happiness.
Árbol-Bosque-Camino. Walk in the woods Más
a group of trees with red circles hanging from them