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two cartoon images with one reading a book and the other holding a flashlight
...Lesen, lesen, lesen
a cartoon character sitting on top of a bench in front of a group of people
X. It’s what’s happening
two people sitting at a desk talking to each other in front of three speech bubbles
¡Ver este Snap en Snapchat!
an image of a man with his head in the back of a trash can, surrounded by other people
cuestión de fé, cuestión de amor...: Fotos
two men walking side by side with the caption's in spanish above them
3d, Poetry, Alma, Marketing, Phrase, Facts
a cartoon drawing of a man sitting at a piano and another person standing next to him
Si lo dejo nunca seré bueno
Si lo dejo nunca seré bueno
a line of people walking down a street next to each other
a drawing of a man standing in front of a bus with leaves coming out of it
an image of a man on a motorcycle with a woman sitting on the back seat
Generalmente, es así.
the diagram shows how trees are growing on top of houses, and what they can do with them
Post generico – Página 116727774715 – TERRIBLE HD
an image of people sitting at desks in front of windows with cartoon characters on them
i´m relax