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a blue and yellow bike sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a wall
1987 Raleigh Ultra Shock
a white and green bike with spokes on the front wheel is against a gray background
1986 Kuwahara Bravo KT
a green and white bicycle parked in front of a garage
Kuwahara Bravo
a bike with black spokes and yellow rims parked in front of a wall
1980 Roger DeCoster
a black and gold bike with gears on the front wheel is shown in this image
a silver and black bicycle parked in front of a garage door with wheels on it
1986 Hutch Trick Star
a blue and silver bike is parked on the sidewalk
a silver bicycle on a blue background
1979 Mongoose Motomag
a black and yellow bike with gold rims on the front wheel, against a gray background
1983 SE Racing Quadangle
there are many bikes on display in the store together, all different colors and sizes
Bicycle Heaven - In Pittsburgh pa
the different types of bicycles are depicted in this poster
an orange and black bike parked in front of a building
1987 GT Performer
a blue bicycle with black spokes is parked in an empty parking lot at a skate park
1988 Dyno Compe
an advertisement for a bicycle with different types of bikes on it's front and back
Huffy BMX Vintage Ads