Crazy hat day

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Mad Hatter Fashionista
a woman with a bird's nest on her head in the middle of a crowded street
Festive, Crazy Hats at New York’s Easter Parade
two young children sitting on steps with crowns on their heads and smiling at the camera
Make a DIY Nature Crown! — Clever Poppy
a collage of photos showing how to make a nature crown
Make a DIY Nature Crown! — Clever Poppy
Waldorf Art Projects For Kids, Forest School Activities, Fairy Tea Parties, Forest Party, Hawaii Art, Nature Projects
Manualidades con hojas de otoño: Pintar, bordar y adornar con hojas secas
a young boy wearing a leaf and acorn headpiece with autumn leaves on it
Leaf Crafts - This Mother - A UK Family and Travel Blog
an arrangement of dried leaves and twigs on a white surface
Make a DIY Nature Crown! — Clever Poppy