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a man with black hair is wearing a red and black jacket while standing in front of a microphone
Kawaii, People, Gaya Rambut
[Twitter Update 2022.02.20]
a young man is posing for the camera with his finger in his mouth while wearing a sweater
♪ ݁ . ❤︎ ❘❙❚
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a person wearing sunglasses and holding a bag
★̲˖: [📸](˳ 。>﹏<。)...💤🗯
a woman wearing black sunglasses holding a blue cup
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a young man holding up a bag of ice cream
★̲˖: [📸](˳ 。>﹏<。)...💤🗯
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Profile Picture, Jake
jungwon, jake & jay
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