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an abstract painting of flowers and plants
Colorful Abstract Art Online Course | Betty Franks
Join me in my online art course to learn practical skills so you can create art from the heart!
here's how I discovered my why ⬇️
It wasn't easy. It took years. But, it was worth the journey. 🌸 There are several things I did to help me discover my style/my why. I want to share them with you. ➡️ SAVE this PIN and CLICK the LINK to get the guide to help you uncover your why.
mini art journal fun | Betty Franks
Come create a mini masterpiece with me! My online course is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions, and it's self-paced. Learn and create when it's convenient. You'll have unlimited access, so there's no rush. Plus, I show you 4 ways to display and share your mini masterpieces! 🥰 Follow me, save this pin, and click the link to learn more. See you in the course!
This is how I recharge my soul
What do you do to recharge your soul?
a woman in an apron standing next to a painting on a wall with paint splattered all over it
abstract art for the home | Betty Franks
Love flowers? Then you'll love my art! It's an expression of my love for fields of flowers. Bring color and nature into the spaces where you live. 🌸 contemporary art | art for the home | abstract art | interior decorating
a painting on the wall above a table
My GARAGE SALE — The French Tangerine
My GARAGE SALE — The French Tangerine
a man is painting on a large piece of paper with acrylic paint and brush
Please enjoy this new 49" x 61" process highlight! This new piece is available ($4400) so message if you're interested. For all of you… | Instagram
an abstract painting is displayed on the wall
the words all about cool and warm colors in art
All About Cool and Warm Colors in art
Terrier Drawing | Coloured Pencil Art
This week, Bonny challenged herself to draw a portrait of a dog in just one day. It's safe to say, she completed it with flying colours! If you want to learn how to draw realistic dogs like this one, join the waitlist for Bonny's exclusive membership by clicking on the link... #drawingdogs #terrierdrawing #doglovers #colouredpencilart #bonnysnowdonacademy
a painting of a woman leading a brown horse in the snow with trees in the background
Daniel F. Gerhartz, Companions, oil, 24 x 18. - Southwest Art Magazine
Daniel F. Gerhartz, Companions, oil, 24 x 18.