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an old poster shows the inside of a theatre with its seating areas and other details
Toronto’s old Circle Theatre - Historic Toronto
800px-Circle_Theatre_isometric_drawing_1932[1] - Copy
an old photo of some people in a room with many electronic equipment on the wall
King’s Theatre, Edinburgh
the control panel is full of many different tools
an old black and white photo of some machines
The Golders Green Hippodrome, North End Road, Barnet, London
an old machine that is very large and has many knobs on it
an old machine with lots of buttons on the front and back side, in black and white
the inside of a building that is being constructed with wooden slats and metal bars
Behind the scenes at the Loew's Jersey City: How a 1929 Wonder Theatre was brought back to life | 6sqft
an old factory with lots of machines and wires hanging from it's ceilings
70. Stage, looking northeast, detail of stage right - Earle Theatre, Thirteenth & E Streets, Northwest, Washington, District of Columbia, DC
an old black and white photo of a man working on a control panel in a factory