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some very pretty rocks by the water with people standing on one side and another in the other
Piedras Rojas - Atacama
there is a mountain in the background with water coming out of it's mouth
Volcán Osorno
the water is very blue and green in this photo, it looks like something from another world
Saltos del Petrohué
the water is crystal blue and there are some rocks in the background that look like they have been carved out of the ground
Cavernas de Mármol
a suspension bridge over a blue river surrounded by trees and mountains on a sunny day
Carretera Austral
Parque Nacional Patagonia, Chile
Parque Nacional Patagonia, Chile
there is a waterfall in the middle of this mountain
Cascada El Maqui
people are rafting in the blue water on a sunny day
Lago General Carrera, Sur de Chile
the water is very blue and green in this photo, with rocks on both sides
Confluencia Río Neff y Baker
a long wooden bridge over water with mountains in the background
Puerto Fuy, Chile
a woman is walking across a wooden bridge
a river flowing through a lush green forest filled with rocks and trees on a sunny day
Huilo Huilo
three boats floating on top of a large body of water
Puerto Varas, Chile
two people are swimming in the clear blue water near a waterfall and some trees with a mountain behind them
Cochamó, Chile
three girls jumping in the air over rocks
Cochamó, Chile