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a man in brown shirt pouring water into a bowl on top of a black mat
Interior design ideas: African graphic textiles – in pictures
a man laying on top of a rug in a room
Block shop textiles block printing creation
the cover of hong's new book, homo textiles at chinese mah - mong market
A Comprehensive Guide to Chiang Mai's Warorot Market, Ton Lamyai & Hmong Market - Wander-Lush
Warorot Market; talat Warorot; Chiang Mai Hmong Market; Warorot Market guide; Chiang Mai Thailand; where to buy Thai Hmong textiles
a man sitting on the ground working on a rug
Mara Vera Textiles on Instagram: “MUNDI in the making! Prakash hand block printing with natural back dye. Our only scarf dip dyed with indigo and pomegranate peels. Only a…”
a man is sitting on the ground painting
The Artisans of Le Ndomo Social Enterprise | Thread Spun
the diagram shows how to make a rug with different types of stitches and threads
Hmong Batik Techniques & Stories - Ock Pop Tok
a man kneeling down on the floor with a cup in his hand
Handmade African Home Decor & Handmade Art | Swahili African Modern
Hand-painting mudcloth in Mali.
a person is working on some type of metal item that looks like letters and numbers
Adinkra Printing of Ntonso-Ashanti, Ghana
a large piece of cloth that has been made with squares and rectangles on it
Kuba cloth from the Congo
a man sitting on the ground working on something
a man sitting on the floor painting a rug
Yesterday’s post about getting out of a creative rut has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone a little – and mix things up a bit. A change is as good as a holiday right? And so I thought that in
a man is pouring water into a bowl on the ground next to a rug with circles
Bogolan, a characteristic and timeless Malian fabric
Mudcloth: How it’s Made
Our mudcloth pillows are made with hand painted and naturally dyed textiles from Mali.
an african man standing in front of some colorful cloths on display at a market
World Cup for Kids: Ghana Profile