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a wooden cabinet with many drawers on it's sides and an upside down shelf in the middle
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a white toilet with a fish tank on it's lid and the seat up
Would be cooler if it didn't have a Sponge Bob figurine in it.
a black and white ornament shaped like a shark with its mouth open hanging from a red string
Sillas colgantes que invitan a entrar en bocas salvajes - Cultura Inquieta
Porky Hefer design8
there are many bookshelves that have been made into an upside down book shelf
an aquarium with fish and plants in it is on the floor next to a chair
Feng Shui Tips For Location Of The Fish Tank At Home
Love it!! But a little out of the price range...?
a wooden desk with a computer monitor and keyboard sitting on it's side, in front of a white wall
Desktop :)
three tiered bookshelf with different colored plates stacked on top of each other
Oh I love this cup o' cups. It's a curious little curio.
a guitar and bookshelf in the corner of a room with a white rug
a chair that is shaped like a spiral with a green cushion on it's seat
Chair Designs | modern chair designs rocking chairs modern design a design that is #chair #chairdesign #home ...
a piano shelf with books and musical instruments on it in front of a window next to a bicycle
17 Creative Ideas For Repurposing An Old Piano
an image of a bed with white sheets and drapes on it's headboard
Canopy Bed Welsh