Blue’s clues

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a cartoon dog with spots on it's face and paws, sitting down in front of
home of obscure creatures on Twitter
the blue dog is sitting on the red carpet and looking at something with its eyes wide open
Sad Blue by MicbotJonez on DeviantArt
a blue dog sitting on top of a green surface with stars in the sky behind it
an inflatable pool with a dog and duck inside
the blue dog is standing in front of some candy candies and other items on display
a blue hand with an animal paw on it
there is a blue dog plate, spoon and cup on the table with it's matching plates
nostalgia kid
the blue clues handy dandy notebook has a red chair on it
10 Blues Clues letters from Steve Joe Mailbox Notebook stationary
a box of macaroni and cheese next to a bowl of cereal with a dog face on it