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an anime character with pink hair wearing a dress and holding her hands up to her chest
Saori Kido
a woman holding a bird in her hand and standing next to a statue with lightning behind her
an anime character with purple hair holding a golden key
an anime character with long blonde hair holding a golden staff and wearing a white dress
Atena Manga - Saint Seiya (Exclusive Render) by FernanDohko on DeviantArt
Lost Canvas - Sendai ( Athena ) Dark Wings, Familia Anime, Elsword, Anime Screenshots, Anime Oc, Touken Ranbu
Lost Canvas - Sendai ( Athena )
an anime character with long purple hair and blue eyes looking at something in the distance
Sendai Atena
an anime scene with a woman and a dragon
Sisifo e Sasha by DandaP on DeviantArt
Sisifo e Sasha by on @DeviantArt
an anime scene with the moon in the background