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an open book with different designs on it
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"Dance, Dance, Dance" by Lark Burkhart
an open book sitting on top of a table next to a piece of paper and scissors
artist book
artist book - Buscar con Google
four different types of papers with writing on them, all lined up and folded together
Where My Wild Things Are
...bosques de hilos
four different pictures with some writing on them and one has an image of a woman
curated contemporary art /// “i sandwich everything in that stuff”
The Jealous Curator talking to collage artist Hollie Chastain
four different types of skis are lined up on a table top with the same color and pattern
Book Art (1)
Tecnica de Representacion Collage + Libro Objeto … Más
an open book with pictures inside it on a white surface, and the pages are folded in half
Sharp Handmade Books / Sharon A. Sharp - News
The Mammoth Legacy of Stephen Bishop, a multifaceted accordion-fold boo.The front of the accordion contains a pamphlet-stitched booklet , a stitched-in pocket holding a portion of a famous cave map, a fold-out with an original poem, one original drawing, and 6 inkjet prints of 19th-century Mammoth Cave etchings and engravings archivally printed over scanned images
a set of five white business cards in a wooden holder with words printed on them
Artist books
someone is making a paper doll out of a book
Mar Ferrero nos habla de “Lo que no vio Caperucita Roja”: “Pues la verdad es que para mi los cuentos clásicos son como un estándar para improvisar. Cuando les contaba cuentos a mis hijas me lo inventaba todo” - Un Periodista en el Bolsillo Ilustracion
Una pieza de arte interactivo.
an open book with pictures and writing on the pages is held up by someone's hand
Geographies Exhibit now at University of Vermont
Geographies - Graham Patten
three different types of plates with designs on them
Louisa Boyd
Ideas para tarjetas o regalos! Cartography by Louisa Boyd, via Susan Angebranndt
an open book with writing on it and some glass beads attached to the pages, in someone's hand
Mini libros que se adueñarán de tu alma lectora para siempre
mini books14
four different views of the same object in various angles and sizes, each with colored pencils on them
You are my kaleidoscope
You are my kaleidoscope by Serene Ng. Obra de arte encuadernada. Hilo, aguja, papel e innovación.
paper plates with pictures of people on them are arranged in the shape of an oval
Encuadernación circular. Libro tipo acordeón. Libro de artista por Denise Carner Lorenzo. Realizado a partir de fotografías encontradas.
an altered book is open to reveal the inside pages and shows what it looks like
5 artist books
La inspiración :: 5 Libros de artista, de Kirsten Hall. Interesante diseños de página #art_journal