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Desperte o amor pela matemática com essa sugestão de atividade! 🧮🔢
Atividade criativa para trabalhar os números
Atividade simples e criativa para trabalhar os números com as crianças de forma lúdica e divertida
Little Rocket Game
🎈Little rocket 🎈 Working on motor coordination, calculation, number x ratio quantity, attention and concentration. . . credits: inovaeducador
"Counting Cow Game"!
🐄🌾 Let your kids enjoy a fun-filled learning experience with this creative counting activity. Watch as they improve their number recognition and fine motor skills while feeding the cows their numbered grass. Perfect for parents and teachers seeking engaging ways to teach counting to little ones. Grab yours now and make learning a joyous adventure! ☰What you'll need: * Cardboard Box * Cutter Knife * Scissors / Glue Stick * Adhesive Tape * Whiteboard Markers credits: chanafavors