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a woman in a white kimono is holding a black belt and posing for the camera
a skull with a ribbon around it's neck on a black and white background
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#CoolArt: 'Enter The Dragon' by Jock
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an image of a skeleton with red hair and a demon on it's back
Cool BJJ Videos, Products & More
a grizzly bear wearing a blue jacket and holding a baseball bat
the poster for brazilian ji jitsu shows an alligator wearing a black suit and standing in front of a flag
Research; I've realised the name of the sport is literally "Brazilian Jiu Jitsu"; The "Brazilian" is part of it. No sense involving Brazilian culture in this project.
an image of a gorilla standing on top of a pile of wood with the words ju it
Especially when Brazilian.
a man sitting on top of a chair in front of a green background with skulls
This fighting style, inspired and based on the gorilla, was invented during the last decade of colonialism, and is an original mixture of a traditional Mongo wrestling practice, libanda, and Asian and Western fighting practices.
a painting of a man sitting on a throne with his hands in his pockets and one eye open
“Who Doesn’t Like A Gorilla Or Angry Panda In A Gi”? An Interview With BJJ Artist John Connell / link in bio
two hands holding each other with the words respect in white on a black background that says respect
a gorilla in karate gear with the words ji jitsu on it